Rooted in Taiwan, Developed and Planned for Cross-Border

Jollywiz was founded in 2007 and provides brand management services to Taiwan and cross-border e-commerce platforms.

The company accelerates the Taiwanese and international brands into the China market, and its service coverage includes northeast and southeast Asia.

We aim to become the most influential Taiwanese company with Ethnic Chinese cross-border e-commerce as its core service by offering product sales, member data marketing, customer service, warehouse storage and logistics, and other comprehensive e-commerce services. We also provide brand partners with e-commerce sales, cross-border operations, and other services.

In 2020, Jollywiz received the Tmall 5-stars recognition for a consecutive year, making it the first and only Taiwanese investment enterprise to have won the honor consecutively.

Jollywiz is currently the largest e-commerce service provider in the cross-Strait e-commerce business, and its goal is to become the most influential cross-border e-commerce service provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

Photo by CollegeDegrees360