GAMA PAY Captures Every Moment of Our Connected Daily Lives

The online gaming market has changed. Now is the time for the rise of mobile gaming! Gama's new chapter for gamers has started.

No more cash transactions, payment completed with a simple click! GAMA PAY has arrived in responsed to our demand.

GAMA PAY became Taiwan's first exclusive e-payment provider in 2016. Since then, it has been incorporate in over 50,000 locations across the island, creating a payment network that spans food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, recreation, and other sectors. GAMA PAY is available for the public's daily necessities such as convenience stores, transportation, and public utilities bills.

In 2019, the full integration of GAMA PAY and beanfun! was launched as the mobile wallet "beanfun! GAMA PAY", which includes social media services and payment. This brand new gaming, daily life purchase and payment model allows the payment service to connect your everyday needs. It is a fast, convenient and safe payment tool provided for all gamers.

In 2020, in a significant boost for the beanfun! ecosystem in terms of consumer spending power, the four major convenience store chains have fully incorporated with the service.